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How to Get Service for Microsoft Surface

Recently I ran into the issue of trying to get in touch with Microsoft about a Surface. I am sure some of you know what this is like, for those of you that do not you are lucky! I had a clients Surface Pro Laptop 3 that had just died. Not even a year old. I tried to get it going with the usual tips and tricks they use for Surface’s that will not turn on or that are stuck in sleep mode (if you want to try these tricks first go here).

Nothing worked. So, it being under warranty still I decided to go chat with Microsoft and get this sent in for repair. A couple different Google searches and they all sent me to the same support page on Microsoft’s website. It would ask my issue then make me sign in to my 365 Admin Portal. So, I went to my Microsoft 365 Admin Portal and clicked the “?” up in the right-hand corner, and submitted a ticket.

One month later I still didn’t hear anything from them. I decided I needed to try again and so I took to Twitter. If you “@” Microsoft Support you will be helped within an hour! Never would have thought Twitter was a better route to take then to go through their own website. Anyway, here is what I was told and the links to get you there and save you the time and pain of searching.

Step 1)

Go here and you should see this.

step number one

Step 2)

Click on “Send in your Surface for service”.

step number two

Step 3)

Click on “Device service and repair”.

step number three

Step 4)

You will be directed to a Microsoft Sign in page. Once you are signed in go to next step.

step number four

Step 5)

When you are logged you will see this page below.

step number five

Step 6)

Select your device. If you don’t see your device then hit the “Don’t see your device?”.

Step 7)

Once you get your device info put in you will be walked through the steps of the start of the order. Your screen should look like this when you start.

step number seven

Finally, once you get your order finished you will receive an email. It took mine about an hour before it came through though. You can keep returning back to this page (Microsoft Order Status) to check the status of your order. I hope that this will help someone out if you run across this! Thanks for reading!

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